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Selling property

I am thinking about selling my rental property in Texas. What clause do I need to include in new leases to let tenants know that I in case property sells, they would need to move out within a specified time.   Thanks VV

You can include a purchase option to this also to allow the renter the opportunity to buy directly from you. Sometimes this really help get the best value of your property.  You can also include a sale of property notice to allow the renter time to get ready for showing of the house.  In most cases though a new owner will take the remained of the lease as it is required by law in Texas. So this would not be on your end now as the current owner and landlord.
My rental property is in Florida.  The tenants lease is a three month lease and will expire August 31,2015.   1. I want to sell the property. 2. Do I have to renew the lease? 3. If I do not have to renew the lease, can I put the house for sale September 15, so I can clean it and get it ready to sell?
You have to give the notice that is stated in the lease,  or that is the law in Florida.  As long as you give the required notice you should be able to end the tenancy on August 31st.
Thank you John P.  The Florida tenants, had a yearly lease for two years.  We then changed it to a three month lease.  In Florida, a yearly lease has a 60 day notification; a three month lease has a 30 day notification.  The tenant signed the 3 month lease but, we did not change any of the original terms and there is a clause that all the original terms and conditions apply.  Therefore, I believe a 60 day notice must be given.  Is this right? Or does the Florida Statue of 30 days apply?  The 60 days notice brings us into September, which is after the lease expires, so can I make the new lease for 30 days and let them know ASAP that I will be selling the property at the end of Septmber?
should be thirty 30 days.  At this point I'd go with by 30 Sept 2020.
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