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How much can I legally raise the rent after lease has ended and tenant requests additional time?

I am currently renting our FL family home; the lease agreement was for one year in which my tenants are 90 days out from the end of their lease. They have requested to extend the lease for 3 more months. I have stated in writing numerous times to my tenants that my goal is to sell my home and the lease was not going to be renewed or extended.  My question is if there is a legal percentage I have to stay within if I decide to extend the lease? Could I legally raise the rent to twice the amount or is there a percentage cap I need to know? Do I need to do a new lease agreement for 90 days? Does the state of Florida have established rent control or stabilization practices?

There is no rent control or stabilization in Florida, but you may what to check your specific city as each city ay impose it. Usually this is with the larger metropolitans like NY, San Fransisco, and LA.  You can raise the rent as much as you would like basically! But it is good to be fair if they are good tenants.
There is not a limit legally in your state and since you have been clear that you will not extend the lease due to your plans for the property you don't have to extend, you can begin eviction as soon as  the lease ends if they have not left the property.  If you intend to let them stay, it is good to have another limited term lease (3 months) so that when the 3 months ends. you can have the property returned free and clear.   It is standard practice to charge a much higher rate for month to month or very short term leases than a yearly lease.  Also it is a standard practice to ask a higher amount if the extension is for the tenants convenience not yours and you are trying to discourage the renewal because you had other plans.
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