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New owner and tenant does not have rent

We just purchased a new property and the realtor called the tenant occupying home to deliver new lease and pick up 1st month's rent for November. Our realtor let us know that the tenant stated you can come over and I will sign lease but  I don't have the rent. They also let realtor know that they don't have money for the deposit. I want to give 30 day notice and offer to lease to them if they can come up with first months rent on the first along with the pro-rated rent for October. That will still leave me minus a deposit. Thoughts?

Darn don't you hate when that happens? Just remember:   "You can't cheat an honest man; never give a sucker an even break, or smarten up a chump."  W.C. Fields
Well today passed and no deposit and they weren't home when they said they would be. Glad we had the 30 day notice ready. Former landlord says they are good people...Some days...
Thanks Celeste,  It turns out they do have a deposit. At first we heard that they did not pay a deposit. The former landlord is helping us sort this out today. I am hopeful at this point.
Dear Elizabeth:  First do not be weak if they are late send them the notice to quit or get out . If your realtor did not help you in this  matter fire them too .  The realtor should have had a quick reply to this hippy like behavior of tenants.  Give them notice of an inspection. If they don't let you in?  Call the police  Only to get a police report, not to gain access. Let them know you intend to pass the test as a landlord or they will run right over you.  Signed,  No longer a nice landlord
Forgot to mention. This property is in Texas.
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