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Lease Renewal (State of PA)

I have a Tenant with a lease for the term of 1-year. Each year I use the same lease and just change the term (Starting Date & Ending Date), and ask the Tenant to sign and return. What happens if I do not have the lease returned (unsigned). The Renewal Term on the lease states, "This lease will automatically renew for a new term at the ending date unless: A. Tenant gives Landlord 30 day written notice before ending date, OR B.  Landlord gives tenant 30 days written notice before ending date or before the end of any renewal term". Does this mean if I don't get a signed lease each year, it just automatically renews year over year, or does it mean without a signature does it become month to month.  Also, in the state of PA are Landlords permitted to change for pets, and if so, is that a one time fee, and what are the limits to charge.

In your renewal notice you should state that if they do not agree and sign by (given date) then the lease will end at the final day of the lease term at which time they should vacate. If it does go to a month to month than simply send a 30 day notice to vacate. As for a pet fee in PA yes you can charge and there is not a regulated amount that you can charge. Any extra fe that you charge should be fair.
Thanks and the lease has already been written and handed to the tenant with the renewal mentioned here. The lease has not been returned to me so if the tenant does not sign and return it, does that mean the lease has then been automatically renewed. I realize now how the renewal should have been written, but I already delivered it, and assume it's too late to correct that ?
My leases require a 60-day notice & a special section is added for explanation of that and they initial that paragraph to acknowledge they understand and agree. On or about 65 days from lease end, I send them a Notice of Intent Letter asking if they will renew 1 or 2 years and what the increase, if any will be, or if they will vacate. Of course, 2 copies are sent and they check their choice and mail one back to me in the SASE provided. If vacate is chosen, I send a letter about showing condition, notice of showing and to remind them of the way they received the house and the exit walk-through procedure. If renewal, I prep the new lease and make arrangements to meet and sign. I do not wait until lease end.
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