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Good Faith forms available

I'm in Colorado and my potential tenant backed out on the day she was going to make a deposit.  I stopped showing the rental for 7 days because I sure she was going to come with a deposit.  Her move in date was set for June 11 and she called me one to reschedule her appointment.  It was set for today because she was to be in the area.  She called and stated she was wondering if I received her email that she could not move because I did not respond to her email.  Well, I re-checked my inbox, trash (delete) box and my spam box.  No email.  In the future I would like a Good Faith Form for a security deposit that states it is non refundable unless:   1.    If another party pays and moves in by or prior to move in date (in this case the 11th)    I'm just bummed that I sat on this property for 7 days with no showing.  I have only one property.  I have a duplex and I live on one side and rent the other side.  Maybe from now on I should just keep showing it until I have Good Faith money in hand.

That sounds like a smart plan in my opinion. I should start doing the same thing. I hate when that happens. You want your property to get rented and you think you found reliable tenants and they change their minds. I understand other properties are out there it just stinks when your just sitting on yours.
Leonard D, PA,  I made up my own.   Called Good Faith Deposit. I state that it is to secure the rental.  and will be applied to the total Damage Deposit amount .  I collect $200 or $300 and the damage Deposit is $1200.  Thus they still owe $1000. or $900. depending on how much I collect.   I promise to NOT show the property until they pay the first months rent and rest of damage dep.  I also state it is not refundable if they change their mind unless a new tenant is found prior to their stated move in date.  Here is how I drafted it.   Arvada, CO  80004   I Dianna L received $____________ from ____________________________  A deposit in good faith for possession of rental property located at ________________________________., Arvada, CO 80004.  This deposit is to hold the property until tenant takes possession on __________.  Landlord promises to not show the property to other potential renters until full   deposit and rent is received and the tenant takes possession of said property.    This money will be applied to the balance of the deposit owed under the lease   terms.  If the, above mentioned, tenant fails to take possession, the Good Faith Deposit   will be forfeited unless:  A new tenant takes possession of the property by or before ________________.       ______________________________ __________________________ Tenant Signature Tenant Signature    ______________________________ Landlord Signature
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