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More Tnants, More Money?

Tenant was honest enough to let me know that his son and daughter in law will be moving in temporarily. He wants to know how much more the rent will be/ Please advise.

I would not charge more rent but would make sure to have a walk through before everyone moves in. Make sure to document everything to be sure that if there are damages you have the proof it was not like that before. More tenants have more possibility to cause more damage. It was good that the tenant was honest, but I don't believe that would require more rent. They are still utilizing the same space for rent. I would also look up your laws and make sure to document everything. You might even want to add them to the lease as occupants or tenants if they are helping pay. The good thing is more tenants equals more reliability of getting rent paid.
I'm sure you're free to charge extra based on number of people. when you’ll be deciding how much rent to charge for additional tenant, check out what your lease sates concerning that issue. I will charge them an extra 10% on top of the rent as long as those people lives there.
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