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Breaking a year's lease...

Hello,  I have a tenant who has only been in my townhouse for 4 months on March 1. She text me and  said she needed to break the lease. She moved in with a boyfriend. .  I think he has stopped helping and they no longer want to be together under the same roof.  She was the primary lease holder and her mother was the co-signer. I put the lease in her name and listed the mother as co-signer. However, I did not consider him as one of the primary lease holders, just someone living there. I did not run his credit or background report. He also makes very little money. I believe if he would leave she would stay and finish out the rental agreement.   How do I handle this situation?  I live in Virginia Beach, VA.    Thank you for any and all help in this matter!

All states vary but the tenant is held to the rental payments until the term ends or the landlord finds a tenant, whichever comes first. The landlord is required to search for a tenant right away as to not drain the tenants money. I would definitely look up your state website for a definite answer.
Thank you for your advice again, Bea!  This is what I told the tenant. And check our laws in Virginia and this is acceptable for the Landlord to do.   Thanks again! Have a great week!  JoAnne
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