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Tenants wanting out of a lease

This is complicated.  Three tenants signed a lease for renting our duplex.  Two of the tenants want out early and have found new tenants to take their place.  How do I do this?  The new tenants have different move in dates.  Do I do a new lease with the 2 new tenants and the remaining tenant?  I was going to make the new lease end at the same time as the old lease in April 2018 so we could reevaluate then.  Does the remaining tenant need to sign the new lease?  The only thing that has changed from the old to the new is two new roommates (which he is not happy about!)  Us trying to be nice has turned into a complicated mess!  If I do a new lease are the two leaving tenants responsible if it doesn't workout or are they released from the previous lease?  Any suggestions would be so appreciated!

Diana.....You have history with the remaining tenant. If you feel he's reliable, you may want to consider keeping him as a tenant. Especially, since he's not happy with the other applicants. Put yourself in his position. Would you want someone to select your roommates?........Talk with him and see if he's willing to find other roommates or is he able to handle the rent alone? ...... Hopefully your agreement states that all tenants individually are equally responsible for total rent....... your other option is he has to move and you find new tenants. Good luck....Keep us posted.
Actually the original tenants were a unmarried couple. During the lease period they broke up and the guy got himself two new roommates to help with rent. When we found out we informed him that was a violation of his lease. We are nice landlords so we had each of the new tenants go through the application process and then we drew up a new lease for the three of them. So I'm not sure if they knew each other. The original guy put an ad in Craigslist so I think not.
Question……did the original 3 tenants sign up together and did they know each other?
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