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Legal amount to charge for "break fee"

What is the legal amount I am able to charge for a early lease termination fee in the state of Michigan. I have seen up to 2 months rent as a termination fee. Anything helps!. Michigan Law please!

I'm not familiar with Michigan law but I have heard that as a landlord you "generally" are allowed to charge for advertising your property (ex. hiring a realtor to show to perspective tenants, cost of advertising a  property online) when the tenant breaks a lease. I would also in the future include this in the lease (how much the tenant will owe in the event they break their lease). Hope this helps.
Under "Resources"  here should be a summary of Michigan law that may help.  Normally the tenant is required to honor the lease.  If he leaves early,  the landlord has a responsibility to attempt to re-lease the place.  Tenant is required to pay until you do so.  Of course, collecting beyond the security deposit is generally not worth the effort because of legal fees.
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