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No bathroom for rental property

I have been renting a commercial property for 2 years.  There is no bathroom.  However, there is a portable toilet (which freezes up in the winter and can't be used).  My landlord is now requesting that I pay for the pumping out of the toilet.  Should this be on my dime?

If it was not in your lease and they were responsible, they should take the correct actions to change the terms.
I agree with Sid F, These don't come under your part, so you should not pay for this or lease this. I remember a few days ago one of my neighbours was who was kept on rent in house was facing a similar problem, but with the shearing of a bathtub in their bathroom, so they were asking same questions about bathtub repair, so the owner decided to contact the Artistic Refinishing ( )agent for the refinishing the bathtub. So likewise you can also try out contacting the owner of this problem.
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