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early move out.

I have a tenant that is wanting to move into bigger residence and intending to get out of lease 5 months early.  Do I have the right to collect those 5 months and keep security deposit.  She has not been a difficult tenant at all.  Thanks

Read the lease.  Generally,  a tenant has to pay until the end of the lease.  See the lease under "landlord's remedies".  BUT,  landlord has to make a good faith effort to re-rent the property.  If you re-rented it right away,  you would NOT be allowed to collect from both the new and old tenant.  Also,  collecting from the tenant beyond keeping their deposit is  usually difficult and costly.  In these situations,  if the tenant is good about letting me show the place the last month or so,  I always find a new tenant and am willing to let them go.  The place might be empty for a week or two but that's when we touch up paint and clean carpets.  If she's been a good tenant,  I would work with her.
Thanks for your input
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