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Property Delivery Date Agreement

I have a property that is under construction and will not be complete at the time that the tenant will sign the lease.  The tentant would like an agreement in the lease concerning the delivery date of the property, in the event that the property is not ready by the starting date of the lease.  Does a form or template for this type of agreement exist?  Should I add this agreement or is it not recomended?

Here is what I made up so I could get a deposit and give them a date for move-in.  Receipt of Holding Fee  This receipt is acknowledgment of receiving $1950 Holding Fee from XXXXXXXXXX  (Applicants) to hold the rental Home at the following address:  xxxxxxxxxxx, Chesapeake, VA until September 1st, 2018.    If the home is not available at the agreed upon date the landlord will make a full refund of the fee without interest, and with no liability or penalty to either party.  This Holding Fee will be applied to the security deposit when Applicant Pays 1st month's rent and takes possession of the above-described Home.   If Applicant fails to pay 1st month's rent and/or take possession.   The landlord may deduct any additional costs to find a new tenant from the holding fee including but not limited to: advertising,  realtor fees, and the pro-rated cost of vacancy.      Receipt of copy acknowledged.
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