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non-authorized occupant in Oregon

I recently leased to a mom and her two small children that are on community assistance-the mom really needs a hand and I was happy to help her even though she did not meet my leasing standards (she has no credit  and has no criminal history) She told me and her case worker that her boyfriend was working out of state and at some time in the future he may want to move in-I explained at the time that all occupants would have to pass the background and credit check (no prior evictions or felony convictions is my standard)  The very next day after she moved in there he was and he did nothing but glare at me when I arrived at the premise. (she had next to nothing by the way of possessions and I was bringing by some items). He was making dinner. No violation there so I did not address it then. Now a week later it is clear that he is here to stay-I have asked several times for his completed rental agreement but they havent provided it--it is clear that do not intend to comply and its most likely because he doesnt meet the rental standard. I gave them a notice that they are in violation (also smoking on the premise which is a violation) today I am posting a "termination for cause" notice-- Is there anything else that I could or should be doing? thanks

Thanks for the response.
Thanks Scott- I sure have and we are working on simply following the law so that they have been given proper notice to vacate. Thanks for the response-
Tell her case worker.
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