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Section 8 tenant   refusing to leave apartment

my tenant assumed her mother's section 8 voucher upon her death. she has had parties for 2-3 days with out my permission. she has refused me entrance to the apartment to effect repairs due to a broken pipe above her apartment.she has refused to sign a reasonable lease ,refused to sign a rent increase form for sect 8.other tenants had to sleep at a hotel during parties,i gave notices to cease and desist , i was able to get in the apartment to effect repairs.i finally gave her a 90 days  notice to vacate the premises. she gives me a mutual rescission form every month for the last 6 months .  i have complained to sect 8 but it apparently fell on deaf ears . she refuses to vacate the premises .i intend to evict her. there has been damages to the apartment, doors kicked off among other things ,some were caused by her mother , i was told that i could not hold her responsible because she was not head of household when the damages occurred .what recourse do i have at this point.

thanks all ,i do appreciate your feed back. GG
Evict her.  You can try to sue for the damages if she was an adult living there how can you tell if she did it or her mother let the judge make the determination if she's responsible.  Of course since shes on section 8 there might not be anything to collect.  Follow-up with section 8 hopefully  they'll pull her voucher and she can see what it's like to pay for her own living expenses.
We had a tenant pass away last year and they left the apartment in a terrible state. There was close to $10,000 worth of damages. If the person's estate goes to probate then you can show proof of damages and receipts and the court will pay you from the person's estate. If the estate does not go to probate then you may have no recourse and have to pay for the damages. I would recommend contacting your municipal court office or an attorney.
As Section 8 is paying the rent, you need to call Section * with this issue. They've seen this before.  Matt
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