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Tenant fails to pay after signing lease agreement

What to do if tenant signs lease agreement and pays deposit but unable to pay the remaining funds, first month rent plus security deposit? Is lease void?

Yes it is. But, since you've already accepted a partial payment, you will have to file in court if wanting to evict. Lesson learned - collect all payments before signing lease.
Did you give them the keys yet?  If they don't have possession I wouldn't think you'd have to evict.
if not in your unit, thank your lucky stars. Lease is void. IDK about the deposit. Clearly you took the place off market if you signed a lease. Could spell trouble. Depending on what your talking about as far as deposit, if you didnt stipulate in the lease or at the time of acquiring the deposit you may just return it and move on quickly. For me, Id be thankful to get rid of the headache.
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