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Leasing agreement question

What terminology do you put in your lease agreement as far as eviction process for not paying rent. I was thinking of wording this but not sure if I’m giving to much time or not enough:  “Tennants agree to terms of eviction process as follows: 30 days behind on payment tennants will receive an electronic or written letter stating eviction will be 15 days from the 2nd months payment due date if balance still has not been paid.”

To much in the lease.  If they are late on rent the day after the late fee kicks in you send them a written XX day pay or quit notice, after the xx days are over you go to the court house and file for eviction.
My tenant lied about selling their house as reason for moving on the application.the house he was stating is not even in his name. Just wondering in general about my rights when someone makes false statements on an application.
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