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Tenants requiring Renters Insurance

I'm in Missouri and have 3 condo long term renters,   Two of the three individuals have either not gotten the renters insurance or submitted proof of any as specified in the lease,  Are they technically in lease violation?   And can put it in the lease they have to get their renters on insurance thru my agent so I know they have appropriate coverage.

Have them get insurance from any company but list you as an "interested party" the the insurance company will send you notice if the policy is cancelled.
In the District of Columbia (DC), tenants are not required to have insurance; it's optional.  I mentioned to my tenant that in an event of an unexpectant catastrophe-of-sorts, she can get rental insurance for her personal belongings.  That way, if something should happen, she will not lose out.   I have insurance for the condo to protect myself.  My tenant has made  the smart decision to purchase her own insurance.  It is always best to be safe than sorry, if you can afford it.
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