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condo noise

the condo I am renting is in an old five story historic bricker, which is now getting new flooring in the common areas.  What was supposed to be new carpet, is now becoming a 3 month project of refurbished hardwood floors  and  my tenant is complaining that the noise from the rehabbing is driving him crazy.  My condo is on the first floor and situated under the stairs.  I have contacted the property management company with his complaints, and have strongly urged that the stairs should have padded carpeting not only for safety, but also for noise.  They have responded with a board of directors meeting to discuss the issue.  This meeting has not yet happened  and the property management company knows how frantic my tenant is becoming.  My question is that even though my tenant is under no lease, and could give his 30 days notice at anytime, am I liable for any compensation for his inconvenience?  He is now paying at least $150 less than the other furnished apartments in the same area, but am I legally obligated to do more?
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