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Early termination of lease - Return of Security Deposit

I have tenants that have terminated 8 months early from a two year (per their insistence for 2 yrs) in Texas.  The lease was the standard 14 page TX State Rental Lease form.  Their company has offered and I have accepted a simple buy out since their termination was due to the Husband's company transferring him.  My question is - am I legally required to return their 1 month security deposit?  I am confused as to what the lease states (I think I can w/hold it per the lease) and what the TX state residental lease laws state. It would not be double dipping since it technically is a buy out and I have yet to rent the home out.  Does anyone know the answer, so that I do not break Texas law if I withhold?  The house was very well kept, and most likely there will be no damage issues to justify holding back any of the deposit.   
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In most states, the landlord can only withhold the security deposit for "actual damages" or financial damage caused by the tenants' actions. So for example, if you the landlord line up a tenant to move in right away, and don't have any lost rent, then you would not be able to withhold the deposit for lost rent. If it takes 3 months to find a replacement tenant, then you have a case for keeping the security deposit.  Depending on the buyout agreement you have it may not be ethical to ALSO keep the security deposit.
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