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24 hr notice of entry

Is it legal for my manager to give a 24 hr notice of entry that spans over 8 days?  If just a day, I would take off from work since I trust my manager as far as I can throw him, but I cannot take a week off of work to protect my belongings (anytime between 9am and 6pm for the next 8 days).  

Hi Patti, my understanding is that they must give you 24 hours' notice before each time they enter the property. That issue aside, if you really have reason to distrust your property manager to the point where you think they would actually steal your belongings, maybe it's time to move somewhere else.
I do not know the specific laws, but I have never heard of a notice that would consist of a 8 day time frame. I understood it for a specific day? They have lawyers that will answer your legal question for a donation or a small fee like 18.00 etc online. Look into that for your state. This seams strange to me. good luck.
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