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Tennet has been in House 6 months now. Bathtub. Laundry and sink in kitchen backing up. She called a plumber. Rescue rooter was not a emergency. She left me 4 msg. I was ill in bed. Called as soon as I got her msg. Prior to this the drains were draining slow.and I told her to get some of that good plumber stuff to get it unclogged. She obviously didn't do this. Anyways I finally talk to her and she's saying she just paid 250.00 and the showers were still plugged.  So I called plumber he said she declined to pay the 150.00 to do showers she said she didn't have the money. She's. Telling me she's taking it off the rent. I went ahead and paid the 150.00 because I felt sorry for her.come on 400.00 for a clean out.How stupid. Besides that she did not get my permission to call a plumber. Plus once I paid for 150.00 to get everything taken care of. The plumber said the clogg was caused by Tennets . He pulled out a big wad of hair and grease. I told her the 250.00 Is on her. Problem caused by Tennets negligence.  I Have in writing from plumber she still says she's deducting it from the rent. So whose at fault.  And can I raise the rent 100.00 the rent now is 1900.00 all three bedrooms and 2 full baths in our area are at least 2100.00 a month.Kaprice. thanki  .
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You are not obligated to accommodate the tenants' specific washing machine (this would be different if you had supplied it, and it was included in the lease agreement). That said, if you can find an easy and affordable solution, such as possibly that drain restrictor, you might want to pay for it as a friendly gesture to your tenants.
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