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Tenant request a change of venue...

I'm a landlord has gone through the proper steps legally to  evict tenants in the state of Indiana.  Through the process (immediate possession, damage hearing, etc.) and hearings, the tenant(s) failed to appear for the hearings.  Judgement was granted in my favor by default.  I possess the letter signed by the judge indicating my judgement.  The first supplemental hearing has come and gone without the appearance of the tenants in court again (they have been served notice to appear each time by the sheriff's dept civil process servers).  This past Friday's hearing was different.  The tenant appeared (had she not, a body attachment/warrant would have been issued against them).  They have requested a change of venue in this case.  Can anyone please advise if a change of venue can be granted in a civil case that the judgement has already been ruled upon?  Also, why would consideration of this request be granted when the tenants failed to appear for the initial hearings?  My next sheduled court date is 12/3/10.  This has been almost a year long process without receiving any restitution.
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I don't know whether the judge can/would grant a change of venue, but when this finally ends, make sure you file for a money judgment for as much as you possibly can. They're difficult to collect, but the time will probably come when the tenant will need to clear their judgments, and you'll get a phone call when you least expect it.
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