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Abonded property - Tennessee

On Dec. 1, 2010 we (owners) signed an agreement with husband's niece with terms of her keeping personal property in home that her father had already moved out of.  There were several rules she agreed to abide by, stay in residence one night a week (insurance purposes) start packing and moving her belongs, clean house for us to rent and be completely out by Feb 1, 2011.  Should any of these rules be broken, she signed to be out with 48 hr. notice and any remaining property left in dwelling would be disposed of at our discretion.  Bottom line, she has not abided by any of rules.  Dec. 11 husband told her she  had to be out and gave her a week instead of 48 hrs.  To date she has not removed property.  Will we be legally liable if we dispose of property with this signed agreement or what steps do we need to take.

I also forgot to post that the utilities were cut off by father, we had them cut back on and was to pay all utilities during this period, which we are doing.
I think rules apply to this situation from state to state.  In PA we must hold on to personal property for a "reasonal amount of time".  That leaves it up to what is reasonable?  This is not defined.  Be very careful and do not rush into this.  You may remove and store it all for a while just to protect yourself.
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