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Month to Month Leases

Are there any legal problems to lease month to month. The Resident being leased is on the Market for sell. It is an Estate that needs to be closed,but there is no money in the Estate Fund to pay for monys owed out, so we do need to lease month to month until we get a offer on the Estate.

Please all I want is a short and simple Rental Lease Agreement for a room I am going to rent here in california in the city of Walnut 91789.  Thank You
I live in Kentucky.  We have a house that we are currently renting.  The tennant is continuosly late on the rent.  We CONSTANTLY have to call or go next door to collect the rent.  We did not charge this person a security deposit when we moved in to help him out.   We told the tennant up front that there are to be NO PETS.  He now has a large dog in the house.  He pays from month to month, and can basically move whenever he chooses.  This house was completey "gutted" and remodeled to be brand new about 2 years ago.  Since we did not charge him a security deposit, what are our rights?  He is very young, and has become very dishonest with us in the last few months.  We also told the tenant up front there are to be NO PARTIES, because we have elderly neighbors.  The first weekend he moved in....he had a party.  He has had several more parties since then.  We did not get any of this in writing.  What are MY rights as the landlord, and owner of this property?
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