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Tenant was robbed in California

I have a rental house I rent to college students and the students went home for the summer.  The house was broken into and the tenants had personal property stolen.  Two windows and a door were damaged and the repairs are going to cost about $250.00. The tenants turned it in to their renters insurance and the insurance company told them the windows and doors are the responsibility of the landlord.   Wanted to see if I could get feedback from others to see how they have handled situations like these?

Forgot to mention, I don't want to claim this on my homeowners.  My deductible is $1000.00
Yes.  You have (or should have) property liability and your carrier is responsible for the house and out buildings.  I would not turn it into my insurance either but just pay it out.  Not enough to have my rates go up and the your deductible is more than the damage.  How much fun is having a rental?  Be glad that the robbers did not do any other damage.
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