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Tenant Vanishes leaving items behind

I am not sure what the legal thing to do is. It appears the person I rented the office space to has fanished and won't return any phone calls. They gave me 300 cash for partial rent and another 300 in a check and said not to cash it for 5 days. They then moved some junk into the place and I have not heard from them for 30 days now. How long do I have to store their junk is one question I have and should I deposit this check? I am sure it will bounce now but not quite sure what the legal issues may be. I own property in the state of Idaho if that helps anyone with the legal question.  Any help would be appreciated. thanks!
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Sounds like you are dealing with Commercial rental - which may have different laws than residential. I honestly don't know what the laws are for that - but never allow someone into your property until they have at least paid a full deposit and first months rent.  When someone says "don't cash this for x days" that's a HUGE red flag to me and should be to you. Good luck!
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