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Power stolen by tenant. Need help!

This is on a commercial property. One of my past tenants had run a power line to one of the other tenants meter. I noticed that the space still had power when they moved out. So I called the power company. They put me in touch with the power theft departmant. They reported back that nothing was wrong and removed the meter, but the space still had power. I explained again to the theft departmant, but their notes showed no power was being stolen, which I argued as I knew it did.  Apparently, after three years of the unit getting free power the tenant, now getting free power, told another tenant. So they called the power company to let them know. The theft department now finds a line to the other meter and the tenant that was being stolen from says I owe him and is threatning to sue me. I tried to settle fairly, but the tenant is not satisfied.  I don't see why I owe in the first place as it states in my lease agreement that utilities are the responsibiliy of the tenants and I believe I took the proper actions when I knew something was wrong. Also the power company still has on file my complaint of the power problem and their findings three years ago.   Thanks for any help.    
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