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Double deposit laws for returning

I am having some difficulty with a landlord and need some help.  When we moved into our townhome, our landlord required two months rent up front or security.  My understanding in PA law is that after 12 months, the are to return one months rent.  12 months came and went and nothing came.  We've never paid late or had any problems.  I contacted him a couple of weeks ago and he responded that he was out of town and he'd get back to me.  So, I contacted him again since it's about 15 months into our lease and he says that he re ran our credit (without my permission) and wants to come for a home inspection in a couple of weeks.  Does this make sense?  His maintenance folks have been in here and the residence is fine.   Isn't it the law that he is supposed to return one month's deposit after 12 months of on time rental payments?  Does he have the right to hold us up and make us jump through hoops?  I haven't rented in at least a decade and this is our first rental in PA.
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