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What to charge tenant for damaged items in property?

I have a tenant who moved out & damaged a wall & had 3 dogs in unit with out my permission. Dogs urinated all over basement, damaged 2 stairs & a door. Also I  cant get the smell of the urine out no matter what I use. What do I charge or I should say deduct out of her deposit?

I send out a non-payment notice and ask the tenant to pay their outstanding rental, but tenant and never gave me any notice that they were leaving.  I also having some property damages.  How long do I need to wait until going to my property to get it ready for another tenant.  How can I serve them papers for non-payment of their rent.
Keep the amount due from her deposit to cover cleaning/damages. Also I employ a Handyman who excels at removing odors/repairing damages from pets. Please email me at if you would like more information
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