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Is landlord required to give W9 to tenant?
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A Form W-9 (sometimes miswritten as a Form W9) is a document issued by the United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for certain taxation purposes. While W-9's aren't filed with the IRS, they should be collected by clients or companies that hire independent contractors, or freelancers. W-9's are also used for earnings received by financial institutions. Employees are not required to fill out a W-9.  The W-9 is only required of independent contractors who are US citizens, US resident aliens, and some other less common categories (e.g., a domestic estate). Non-US independent contractors may be required to fill out a Form W-8 (like the Form W-8BEN) instead of a W-9. This is not always the case. Investors, or freelancers, living in other countries may simply file the W-9, which will provide the employers or financial institution with a way to keep record of their information.   
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