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End of Lease

I leased my condo out for one year and the end of the lease is August 31st.  My tentants moved out 10 days ago, but did not notify me. I contacted them asking for verification and to provide them with 24 hours notice that I would be entering the unit. I Also told them if upon finding the unit to be empty that I would be performing a walk-thru of the property, and asked them for a forwarding address so that I may send the results to them and any security deposit refund due.  They responded that they have paid through the end of August and that they would notify me when they are ready to schedule the walk-thru.  I am planning to move back in and must be out of my rental on August 31st.  My question is: Can I move in on the 31st or must I wait until September 1st?  The lease does not specify a a time for the tenant to be out -- just states the lease period with is September 1, 2010 - August 31, 2011.  Please advise.

They would technically have until 11:59PM August 31st. They are also right that they don't have to have the walk through until that time or later - they may want or need additional time to make sure everything is cleaned to the aspect of how the condo was rented to them and it is within their rights. Until they give you the keys, or the date changes to the 1st, you are not allowed to move in - this can and does cause problems with moving with a lot of people.
If it is not in the lease than they don't have to give 30 days.  I have all my lease auto renew for another year if 60 days notice is not given.
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