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Tenant has relatives items in garage, what are my rights to remove them?

Here i go again!           I have a rental house that iIrent to my ex-husband. He gave a relative permission to store items of the relatives in my huge pole barn, on the rental property grounds. This was done without my permission, over 2 yrs. ago.          When I finally heard about it, and drove the 50 mile one-way trip to investigate, i discovered the "items" were occupying a space 12 feet high, 15ft. wide, and 20ft. long! I can hear you gasping, and laughing.  The relative is ill, and unstable mentally to make matters even funnier, or worse.             What I need to know is this: What are my rights legally to have this pack-rat's items removed? It would cost $$$. There are probably valuable items in there, so it's possible I could sell some of it. I am beyond hurting anyone's feelings at this point, i just want my pole barn back, and want to be legal when I take action.
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Were you renting a space for storage? If so, you have more rights of disposal than if it were a garage rented as part of a residential rental. Many states offer procedures for abandoned property. Usually written notice to the prior tenant. Since your situation involves relatives, it is a touchy matter. If it were me, I would contact anyone who is close to the "ill" owner of the property and let them know of your intentions. Maybe they will come and take stuff away. It seems to me if after several obvious attempts (written notice, phone calls, at least one certified or Return Receipt Requested delivery); you could dispose of these items however you see fit. Check with your state's statutes as some do have "waiting periods".
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