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I am a property owner in California with rentals and we are being frequented by skunks in our neighborhood.  My tenant feels that it is my responsibility to remove them.  There are hundreds of them as I drive through the neighborhood I see them all over the place.  Can you tell me who is responsible to remove them, the landlord or the tenant?

Unless the skunks are within the walls of your property (such as inside the house) I can't imagine that there is a responsibility to remove them. The only way I could think of removing them would be animal control or a pest service which would be extremely expensive and lengthy... I can't imagine that it would be any one parties responsibility however.
The  landlord does have a legal duty to make sure the unit is habitable, and this includes making sure it is free from vermin and rodents. See Civil Code section 1941 and 1941.1. This is the landlord's legal duty, so the landlord has to pay.   
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