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tenant not paying water bill

Hi, the water bill is in the tenants name, but she hasn't been paying it.  The house is in NJ and the water company is owned by the town.  That means if the tenant doesn't pay her water bill, the town puts a lean on MY house at 18% interest until it's payed.  They DO NOT go after the tenant.    The water company WILL NOT turn the water off, unless I tell them to.   The water company wants the responsibility of shutting the water off to be on my head.   I know that I CANNOT shut her water off for non-payment of rent, it's illegal.  Can I have the water shut off legally, for non-payment of water?
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That's why you need to pay the water bill yourself, and bill the tenant for it. When they don't pay you back for the water, you take them to court for non-payment, just as if they hadn't paid rent.
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