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Renter's Insurance

I own a condo in a building with 65 units. I have informed my tenant that I would like him to purchase renter's insurance. My condo association is saying that I have to require that he obtain a policy -- but there is nothing to that effect in the building's bylaws. I am maintaining a homeowner's insurance policy on the unit. Can the Association force me to force my tenant to get a policy, even though it's not a requirement in New Jersey?  Thanks!

I would recommend that you just simply include a clause in their lease to require renter's insurance
I have in my lease it's required but it impossiable to make them get it???
I guess I could serve them a 3 day comply or quit???
You can make it a requirement for a tenant to obtain renter's insurance. I even ask for prrof from my tenants withing a certain amount of time. I also explain to my tenants that is just as much for their benefit and not an expensive insurance. Send notices if proof is not given. Then if you must send a notice to comply and start eviction as provided by your state's procedures. Once they realize you mean business, they will comply.
Who is "We"?
You can require renters insurance in most states however the amount that they purchase is up to them. That insurance is to protect there property only. Not yours. Your homeowners will protect yours and may not protect theirs, which is why renters insurance is recommended.
Yes, I always make sure the renter has renters insurance, it is affordable and worth it if there is ever an issue with the home or damage to their property.  Home owners insurance or even your business insurance may not completely cover lost belongings or a break in.
Definitely yes. Requiring tenants to purchase their own insurance policy is the only real way to protect their possessions. Besides, renters insurance is beneficial for renters themselves. It will cover all their possessions in case of natural disaster or theft. For you, as landlord renters insurance is an extra layer of protection.
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