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Maximum Occupancy when Landlord Paying all Utilities

I am a landlord with a fully furnished 4 bedroom rental that I pay all the utilities - Electric, Heat, Water, Cable, Sewer & Garbage.   Can I limit the number of occupants?  Or set a specific rental rate based on up to say 4 occupants and then an extra amount for each person over that as certain utility costs would rise if more people are in the rental?   The rental is in Pennsylvania.

Check with your local agency. They can guide you ( # of tenants) based on sq.ft or bedrooms.
I have property in Macon Georgia- This summer I will rent the rooms in each property to Single indivduals  Are there any room rental laws that I must be aware of example 900 square foot home 2-bedrooms  What laws are in place concerning rooms for rent-under rental property Same Gender room mates
HUD does have Occupancy Standards.  Go to and type in the search box "occupancy standards".  In this article - - it has general standards and a few pages in it talks about the size and configuration of the unit as well.   As far as the person per bedroom, it depends on the sex and age of the children.  There are several combinations that can be acceptable depending on the family composition. Again, check out the link I provided or go to HUD and search under that title.
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