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Carpet Cleaning Fee-ORS 90 300(4) (c)?

I have an Oregon rental and saw in the OR Rental Fees & Disclosure form (on EZ Landlord forms) a reference to:  Carpet Cleaning Fee- ORS 90 300(4) (c).  Where can I find out what the that entails?
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(c) Defaults and damages for which a landlord may recover under this subsection include, but are not limited to:   (A) Carpet cleaning, other than the use of a common vacuum cleaner, if:   (i) The cleaning is performed by use of a machine specifically designed for cleaning or shampooing carpets;   (ii) The carpet was cleaned immediately prior to the tenant taking possession; and   (iii) The written rental agreement provides that the landlord may deduct the cost of carpet cleaning regardless of whether the tenant cleans the carpet before delivery of possession as described in ORS 90.147 (Delivery of possession).
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