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Want tenant out

How do I get a NH tenant out after I have given them a 30 day non renewal lease and they have given me a letter stating they will be out at on a certain day? What do I do if they won't leave then?

If they have given you a letter stating that they will be out on a certain date and fail to move, they are considered a holdover tenant. You can go through the proper channels and procedures and evict them.
Raise the rent and use a cascading late fee program where if a month is late, you charge a late fee to the next months rent, deduct the late fee from any future rents and thus any future rents will be considered late till paid in full. This way you're making money and every month late will have a late fee added to it. A judge will have to allow it even if the tenant pays the normal rent (as long as you word it in your lease) because the late fees must be paid up for every month late. Then a cause of eviction because the rent is delinquent just due to late fees. make the late fee $ 150.00 to $ 200.00 per month.
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