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late fees mainly.

This is about my friends rental. I think she is wrong but...well, she has tenants that pay weekly because thats is the only way it can work for them. it was ok with the landlord, but he died and now my friends collects. Well, she lives in havasu and asks the renters of one place to send her a money order every week. (they used to deposit it dirrectly) anyway, because they live LITERALLY week to week it is hard and alost impossible for them to have it any other time BUT FRIDAY. but now my friend is telling these people that it must get to HER door on friday and if it isnt, she charging 10 dollars every day that its late. My question that right ? can she do that to people who dont have the money until friday? They have lived there for a few years, with no problems from the original landlord, and my friend just comes along and makes it sooo hard for these people to even be able to keep the place. My riend has no compassion for any one else AT AL:L1 I try to make her see that but... I know there are other ways she can go about getting her rent without making it impossible for the renterss. I can think of a few right of the top of my head, but she wont hear of it. I realize you cant give any legal advice, but if you think she is wrong, maybe if she saw it coming from someone else, she may be able to see it. If you do see the wrong in that, will you maybe speak up with an opiniobn, or a suggestion as to how to make every one happy without putting people on the street fo no reason. This friend i am speaking of, is married, has a job, and so does her husband, and have now been left with SEVERAL propertys, so they are doing real fine, and were evenn before been given these propertys.. So it is like she just simply dont give a s___t about any one but herself,. I need to get through to her. I have meet the tenants and they are very good people. Not to mention the landlord (before he died), on his dying bed, telling my friends husband that he wanted these particular renters  to be taken care of BECAUSE they were good tenants. . I realize that my friend can ask to have her rent any way she wants to and how much she waants, even if she is being ruthless, but can she also start charging late fees from day one of it being due? Shouldnt there be a grace period of even a day or two?  

I would maybe offer that you will pay her for them and have them pay you.  that way she will get her money ontime,  it will show her that you have compassion and that its not too often that you get decent people who pay and take care of the place.  that is worth more than the money to me to have decent hardworking considerate people out there who respect the property.
Remind her that Karma is a B_ _ _ _
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