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New here but need help desparately! We moved across country for my husband's literally last minute job transfer, rented home to the tenant from Hell. Made the mistake of trusting her.Didn't have time to get anyone else in because of job time frame. There's more to story but bottom line is this; We have tried to get tenant out; won't leave. Has ignored everything we tell her. We have nobody to help us back in Upstate New York because we have no money. The electricity and water we pay. Now, we cannot afford to pay and going to be turned off any day. What do we do? Cannot afford an atty. On way to our new home/husband had heart attack, lost job because of that and now cannot afford our rent here.  Tenant has NOT paid rent so we are going into foreclosure on same house they are living in. Before we left I drew up a basic rental agreement; she's violated every part of it.  We gave her every violation notice conceivable, posted demand for rent and notice to vacate on the house as well as hand delivered notices. This is a nightmare! I am coming on here for help on what we can do. So please no lectures or tell me what we have done wrong in this case. We realize what is wrong. PLEASE HELP
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