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Renting to Illegal immigrants

has anyone rented to illegal immigrant?  any problem?  Tks

Desiree... hmmm I have not. I am not sure what the laws are regarding this. Since they are legal citizens, not sure how that would effect renting to them. However I do not believe there is a  law on this, but a smart landlord will want to see proof of citizenship from perspective tenants, to protect their future rental income on that unit.
What part of illegal are we having a problem with?
I have a tenant whose husband doesn't have papers.  These couple was recommended to me by my former tenant of 10 years.  All of them are members of the same church.  The wife of the husband is legal but not a citizen yet.  I took a copy of the wife's legal douments like green card and driver's license on the application.  I had them since 2008 and never had a problem.  They are just quiet and pays on time.  That is my experience...
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