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sueing for damages and loss of rent

my previous tennants abandoned the property with 4 months left on our lease agreement. they were there for almost 7 years and had strong interest in purchasing the home. they told me that they could no longer pay the rent and they were going to move out at the end of our lease agreement. they shut off the electric to th home and said that i can use the security deposit to cove the rent. i told them no and that i wanted to show the home to a new perspective tenennt. they told me the home needed some repairs to it and that i should wait till the repairs are made. i said i will inspect the home and then make my decition. the tennants more or less lived like total slobs and showed no respect to my home. it turned out to total $20,000.00 to do all the fepairs to get the home livable agian and almost 8 months of hard work plus the added family stress that also had followed during this period. There hard living what my insurance company claimed was not covered by the insurance policy ant all and i want to sue in small claims court for damages and loss of rent !!  do you think i should go with a landlord/tennant claim or a civil claim ?  keith with emptee pockets ??

You must file Civil Sue to get a judgement to be paid. Depending on how much information you have on them, will let you know if you can file for garishment.
thank you
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