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Tenant trying to retaliate. Will not lock front door. Could be burglarized?

Does anyone have any advice. I have served my tenant with 30 day notice and she is starting to do retaliatory things.  One thing of great concern is that she will NOT lock the front door. All of my valuables can be stolen and I am at risk. It is hard for me to be home 24/7.  If anyone knows anything or has any advice, could you let me know? Thank you so very much!

If you gave them the notice to fix the error and they have not, I would take it to court. You are correct, they are allowing the possibility of your property to be stolen, or vandalized.
Take a look at the new wireless schledge locks. Allows you to lock remotely and set timers for looking. Also you can give her a code and then remove the code when she is gone. Saves from having to re key all the time. I know some folks that use this on beach rentals with really great sucess.
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