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Smoke Alarm Notification (Washington State)

I'm renting out a room in my home; smoke alarms are provided and I maintain them myself. Do I still need to provide a notice to the tenant that he has to maintain the smoke alarm, and whatever penalties for not doing so? If so where would I find this information?

Provide a written notice to all tenants disclosing fire safety and protection information. The landlord or his or her authorized agent must provide a written notice to the tenant that the dwelling unit is equipped with a smoke detection device as required in RCW 43.44.110. The notice shall inform the tenant of the tenant's responsibility to maintain the smoke detection device in proper operating condition and of penalties for failure to comply with the provisions of RCW 43.44.110(3). The notice must be signed by the landlord or the landlord's authorized agent and tenant with copies provided to both parties. With that being said, sometimes LLT law doesn't always apply to room rental however, you are better being safe than sorry.
Thanks. I already have it in the rental agreement that there are smoke alarms on both floors of the house and they are meant to be maintained. I don't know about penalties for failure to comply, though. I've never seen that in a rental agreement, even the ones provided here.
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