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satellite dish & wiring

What are the general trends/rules/laws/guidelines with regard to satellite dishes being installed on a rental single family residence?  Can a landlord limit or at least control where they are installed to minimize / limit property damage due to excessive cabling?    The home currently has cable lines built in to the house.  In order to be reasonable, I  would permit a satellite dish be connected to the house cable system with a MINIMUM amount of discreet external cabling and NO internal cabling attached to walls since there are wall outlets in most rooms.  Can I require I be involved/present if the tenant chooses to install a satellite dish to supervise / approve installation?  Is this a reasonable and legal stance?    Can the cost to repair the damage done from unauthorized cabling be deducted from the security deposit?   Is this normal "wear & tear" or damage?  The home currently is in pristine condition with no external cabling and freshly painted inside and out.  I am in the state of California if there are any state specific issues.
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There are rules and laws set by the FCC that prevent a HOA or a landlord to stop the installation of Satellite dishes. These can be found at:
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