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IL month2month lease

Tenant verbally notifies they can not pay full month rent and are going to move following weekend. Offer to pay $300 of $700 mo. rent. Tenant agreed to pay add'l $100/mo until $700 damage deposit paid in full, have rec'd $200.  Tenant states landlord can keep $200.  Tenant advised they are responsible to provide 30 day notice to vacate and that they owe full rent for current month and next month (30 day notice).  Tenant position is that they only signed lease for month of December.  Pls provide legal aspect for landlord based on the month 2 month lease.
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If you are renting month-to-month, you are entitled to a 30-day written notice. Therefore if a tenant moves in with the expectation to pay rent on a month to month basis, they are required to give you a thirty day notice.
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