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Habitually Late Rent

We have a tenant who has been renting for the past 5 years. He usually ends up paying, but sometimes will go almost 2 months before catching up. He is definitely a month behind usually. I tell my mother that we should send him warnings, but she seems reluctant to enforce the rules. I was wondering if I should send him reminders to get caught up or risk eviction. If we end up having to terminate the lease to use the house for other purposes in future, then he will probably end up moving out with an unpaid rent balance and I do not want that to happen. Any advice on what steps I should take or procedure to get him to start paying on time again?

Yeah I saw those after posting this message. I guess I will start to send them,although we probably could have had plenty of late fees by now. I was even lenient when I redid the cotract and said after 25 days late a $15.00 charge.
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