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Pool Maintnance

I own a home in Maricopa Cty..Phoenix Az It has a built in swimming pool..The pool is in need of a new pump...Am I responsible for putting in that new pump? According to the state  statue 44..Passed Jan 1. 2012 I must upgrade the pump the a more efficient pump..  

Yes, unless your lease states otherwise.
Does you lease state that the renters are responsible for pool parts that break, if not it seems the owner would be responsible.  In January Arizona passed a new law regarding the pool filter pump motors for residential pools. Statute AZ Title 44:2 will impact Arizona homeowners who currently have pools and those who might want to build a pool in the future. The Statute reads as follows:   (a) Motors shall not be split-phase or capacitor start-induction run type motors, except for the following:     (i) The low-speed section of two-speed motors may be capacitor start-induction run type.     (ii) Forty-eight-frame motors designed for use with aboveground pools are exempt from this requirement.  
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