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I have a married couple who moved in and I did not get a sign lease. They have occupied my basement for about 5 months, which has it ups and down. One of their major problems is the wife pays for the rent and their bills, while the husband keeps his money to himself.  She stating she will be filing for divorces between May and July, due to personal issues.  I want to create 2 lease agreements separating the cost and the terms. Can I do this? I live in Southern, MD Please feel free to ask any questions..
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It sounds like you have your hands full, and I believe it's only going to get worse. From your description, I doubt she would be willing to sign a lease alone and he probably will also refuse. If I found myself in your situation, I would do whatever it takes to have them move out. If you decide to have them evicted, check with your state/local laws for evicting individuals residing in "your" home. See if they agree to move willingly. Don't get detracted by excuses. Keep focused on the eviction. Evictions take time and time is $$$$. Plus, you don't need the aggravation that may come your way. Good Luck and keep us informed. This is an interesting situation.
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