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I recently tried to kick my mother and step father out of my home and found out the it's considered a legal tenant and landlord agreement. I have multiple reasons for wanting them out one is they do not pay or help with any bills and I can not afford all of them with them contributing and still take care of my 8 month old finacially. They live in a room off of my garage which has a seperate fuse box. I was wondering if it's legal for me to turn that fuse box off. Any help would be appreciated thanks.

It's probably not legal to disconnect utilites or change locks to prevent them from entering. If the property is a rental, contact your landlord. They may help. If the property belongs to you, try Legal Aid for assistance/information, if your funds are limited. You could also serve them with a Notice to Move. Check State/Local laws.
First off, I feel for your situation because it's family.  Next, let's put that aside and let your situation speak for itself. They have legally established "tenancy" which therefor gives them certain rights. Hopefully, you have a written and signed lease, but if not, it's not the end of the world.  You still have some kind of verbal agreement, I hope. You need to give them something in writing with a deadline. Then, if you don't have a lease, get them to sign one.  If not, serve anyone staying there that's over 18 years old with a 5 Day Notice to pay rent (keep copies for yourself, along with details: times/dates/locations/what happened).  You will need these records for when you file in court against them.  Since funds are limited and evictions can typically take $250-$750, there are several resources you can take advantage of (which Bob R, CA referred to in his post). You can also seek help from an experienced landlord in TN or search online for a local How-To guide so you can do it yourself for just the filing and possible Sheriff's fees. Good Luck!
@ John: Since Brittany stated “I have multiple reasons for wanting them out,” having them sign a lease would not be in her best interest. Just by them living there, I believe, is considered a month-to month. Her goal is to have them move with the least amount of anxiety and cost. Court takes time & $$$$. Court would be my last option.  I would suggest she may want to try getting them out with a little honey. This may be accomplished by offering them some $$$$ (ask them what they would need to move, but don’t agree to it immediately unless it works for you) to help with their move. I would not give them any $$$ (no matter what the excuse is for them needing it immediately) until they were “completely” out.
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